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djprojects brings together the work of Derek John and Julie Collins. Together they operate a multi layered, creative, business spans across numerous fields.

& Gallery

& Gallery was a Melbourne based gallery specialising in sculptural practice, located in The Upper West Side Tower, 220 Spencer St (between Lt Bourke & Lonsdale St).

Prior to its opening, the team at djprojects had noticed the lack of sculpture galleries in Melbourne, and jumped at the opportunity to open a sculpture based gallery. 

Since its inception in 2015, & gallery held successful solo and group exhibitions bringing together artists from Australia and overseas alike.

& gallery closed in early 2018 in order for the team to concentrate on other projects.


Selected Exhibitions archive

‘& gallery’ is pleased to present new bronze sculptures by Peter Lundberg (USA). Peter Lundberg is familiar to Australian Sculptural audiences having exhibited and  Sculpture by the sea in both Bondi & Cottesloe for many years, taking out the main awards several times. In 2016 Peter was featured in the Lorne Sculpture Biennale with two magnificent bronze sculptures on the sited beach. This exhibition will be Peter’s first solo exhibition in Victoria and we are excited to be presenting such an important international artist.

plcolour12 (1).jpg

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I think of my sculptures as a view into my unconscious mind, a landscape of very primitive things, rudimentary elements of life, nature, science, spirituality and passion. For both the maker and viewer, sculpture, like music, carries a beat, a pulsing motion directed to and from the soul that when revealed in takes us into dreamlike states of mind. This state leads to questions and answers, uncovering mysteries, which ultimately give meaning to life’s journey.

The process of creation becomes just as crucial as its end goal, which once reached makes it all the more important from the exertion it took. When I take time to appreciate that gruelling, dirty and contemplative process that makes art, I find myself rewarded by a greater understanding. The labor, pain, and love of my efforts not only give me meaning but also make me feel alive. Art brings this journey into focus; the sculpture marks its destination.

- Peter Lundberg

Peter's work is now also showcased at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi.

His outstanding piece, Walking Woman has earned him rave reviews from various publications.

'The other sculptor who has given it everything is Peter Lundberg from the United States, who was a prize winner in 2012 and 2014. Lundberg’s Walking Woman is arguably his best-ever entry but his previous successes may have counted against him. An oblique homage to Rodin’s Walking man (c.1877) in cast concrete, Lundberg’s work also has a sense of history, as this is the 100th anniversary of the great sculptor’s death.  Concrete can be a lifeless medium but Lundberg manages to make it seem as tactile as clay. The work almost swaggers on its two giant legs.'

John MacDonld
Sydney Morning Herald, 28 October, 2017

Learn more about how Peter makes his artwork.