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djprojects brings together the work of Derek John and Julie Collins. Together they operate a multi layered, creative, business spans across numerous fields.

Evidence Based Research

Evidence Based Research is the latest project that involves the installation of upside down sculptural trees in regional, rural and urban spaces, very public places, around Australia and beyond, as temporary installations. It moves the art and the concept beyond the gallery and into the reach of new and unsuspecting audiences. The project involves detailed logistics and the need to deal with multiply levels of government for approvals.

The trees are symbolic of nature in turmoil and the efforts man takes to cover that up. They are bright red, acting as an alert, a call to arms. They are on one hand beautiful on the other provide a disturbing truth as the viewer engages further. They are in conflict with themselves as industrial processes are used to extend their purpose and therefore have had the nature removed; yet they are all about the environment. Their purpose is to raise questions, debate, inspire research and promote action.

This body of work has been exhibited at Montalto Sculpture Park, winning the Montalto Family award, Sculpture By The Sea-Bondi, Qdos gallery and at & gallery.