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djprojects brings together the work of Derek John and Julie Collins. Together they operate a multi layered, creative, business spans across numerous fields.

With Ownership Comes Great Responsibility

This project draws parallels between the environment & the responsibilities of art ownership.  By using steel, stones & plant life to form mini landscapes (bonsai principal) within industrialised settings, we hope to raise awareness relating to man’s effect on the environment.

We create art works which in essence require maintenance in order to survive, questioning the viewer whether they could make that commitment, and challenging them to address their own actions & responsibilities when it comes to the environment we live in. Drawing these ideas together, we are exhibiting sculpture which will require watering, occasional weeding & trimming, thus a commitment by any buyer or recipient of the sculptures. These are not temporary installations, looked after they will last at least 50 years, and only when the steel breaks down. They are a metaphor for nature in an industrialised world, and that special care that needs to be taken to maintain the 'asset'.  These ideas have evolved through her interest in the built environment and the how contemporary sculpture is place within it.