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djprojects brings together the work of Derek John and Julie Collins. Together they operate a multi layered, creative, business spans across numerous fields.

Previous Exhibitions


SUPERPLEASED, Bin Dixon-Ward & Katie Collins

12 August - 9 September

Studio 513 (SUPERPLEASED, Bin Dixon-Ward & Katie Collins) brings to Radiant Pavilion a conversation about the city; how the city influences our work, how it is reflected in our work and how the urban experience materialises in it..

In each instance the work demands certain behaviours by the wearer who engages with the chosen piece through kinetic movement, folding and unfolding, opening and closing, or through a consideration of the city grid which has been transformed into miniature wearable sculptures.  In other works the materiality of the urban environment is chosen to become an exploration of jewellery as an expression of urban culture.

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Dan Wollmering
Sculptures and Wall Works

17 June - 5 August

The pieces in this exhibition comprise of three bodies of work which were inspired by the urban street environment experienced during two Art Residencies in Malaysia  Both residences were sponsored by the award-winning architectural firm Hajjis Kasturi stationed in Kuala Lumpur.


Pimpisa Tinpalit

6 May - 10 June 2017

A native of Thailand, sculptor Pimpisa Tinpalit moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2009 where she has established her studio. She holds a Master's Degree in Fine Art with emphasis on sculpture, and has extensive art teaching experience in multiple Thai Universities. Her 15 years as a professional artist have been showcased by several solo and group exhibitions in Thailand, Japan, Singapore, USA


Faustas Sadauskas

18th March - 29th April 2017

INTERSECTING PARALLELS is an exhibition of sculptural works that redefine the visual phenomena of repeating patterns within matrix grids. These patterns are found equally in nature, as well as, the urban environment.  From intertwining organic forms of a dense forest to the man-made high rise of a central business district, our visual spectrum is dictated by interlocking axis."
- Faustas Sadauskas

Faustas Sadauskas lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.  He as been a practicing artist since the 1980s.
His works are found in public and private collections, and, has completed major public and corporate art commissions for the City of Moonee Valley, City of Bayside, the City of Casey and SMA Projects Australia Pty Ltd, Jalir Property Group Pty Ltd and the City of Darebin.
Download the catalogue here


Fredrick White
Spirit - Matter 1987-2017

10 Feb - 12 March

We are Spirit-Matter and space walking around in the most incredible space suits.   We are the Earth and evolving spirit beings. 
-Fredrick White

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Ryan F Kennedy

8th Oct - 12 Nov

"A sensory exploration of the persistent emanations, ceaseless rhythms and often trouble wakefulness within my artistic being. The experiential art work is to engage the senses through sight, touch, scent, and sound.  Rich with intensity, this layered work incorporates performance, sculpture, and installation." -RFK


Aboriginal Sculpture

3rd Sep – 2nd Oct

gallery proudly brought together artists from Baluk Arts and The Indigenous Jewelry Project, as well as Jenny Crompton, Josh Muir and Robyne Latham, in an exhibition that brought together the talent and diversity of contemporary and traditional sculpture by Aboriginal artists.

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Tiger - Bruce Armstrong

Tiger - Bruce Armstrong

& Art Fair
17 - 21 August

In August this year, & gallery undertook the immense task of presenting the inaugural & Art Fair.  With the cancallation of The Melbourne Art Fair in 2016, there was a significant gap in the Melbourne art scene.  The & Art Fair helped to bridge this gap by providing an extensive exhibition of sculpture. 25 sculptors over 12 spaces, with over 150 works in total. 

It featured...
Bruce Armstrong, Dean Bowen, Cliff Burtt, Julie Collins & Derek Dohn, Mark Cuthbertson, Ryan F Kennedy, Genevieve McClean, Akiko Nagino, Marsha Pels, Simons Perry, Yvonne Kenndall, Jacqui Ralph, Geoff Ricardo, Faustas Sadaukas, Roh Sign, Mark Stoner, Pimpisa Tinpalit, Frank Veldz, Liz Walker, David Waters, Jason Waterhouse, Fredrick White, Christabel Wigley, Mike Nicholls, Julie Shiels & Jodie Goldring.
 The online catalogue can be found here....


Roh Signh
Hollow Victories

23 July - 28 August

A collection of works from the past 10 years, this exhibition pays homage to Roh Signhs incredible ability to create objects that are both ephemeral and permanent at the same time.


Jason Waterhouse
Tools of the Trade

28th May - 17 July

In Tools of the Trade, Waterhouse presented a series of everyday hand and power tools that had been seamlessly modified through a number of varied sculptural interventions.  Screwdrivers could be seen morphing into branches, an electric sander excreting an explosive lurid, glossy pink growth, axes grow burls, antique tools sprout crystalline growths and play host to otherworldly geological forms. -Jessica Bridgfoot 2016

The catalogue for this exhibition can be downloaded here



The Expatriates

16th April – 22nd May

This exhibition brings together the work of Australian artists living and working overseas, as well as those from other countries that have found a home here in Australia, exploring moving, settling and choice as an influence over artists.

The contributing artists are Yvonne Kendall, Heidi Wood, Dan Wollmering, Motoko Katsuta Kitano, Takahiko Sugawara, Ryan Kennedy, Pimpisa Tinpalit, Roman Liebach, Chaco Kato, Jos Van Hulsen,  Lang Ea & Jennyfer Stratman.


Put It On

An installation  by Sue Buchanan & Eli Giannini.

"A site specific installation about how we could - and do- wear jewellery. The works are meant to be playfully worn and played with..."

5 March - 12 April 2016


The Maquettes

28 January - 2 March 2016

& gallery presented a special exhibition for the Lorne Sculpture Biennale, The Maquettes. 

Between March-April 2016, the Lorne foreshore came alive with an event which showcased 100 of the most innovative contemporary sculptors.

A preview exhibition of the Maquettes, from our Trail and Major project artists.  Over 35 works were displayed and available for sale. 


David Waters

19 December - 21 January 2016

David waters is a contemporary Australian artist, working with a variety of mediums and processes, Waters' work lends itself to both site specific and gallery style creations.

This exhibition features a selection of works in various mediums from 2015.

‘Colonel Proper Gander and staff would like to wish everyone a very merry Xmas and a safe and happy new year.’ 


Evidence Based Research

21 November - 17 December 2015

& gallery's inaugural exhibition featured our founders Julie Collins and Derek John.  

"The purpose of these sculptures is to raise questions, inspire research and promote action. Using the symbol of an upside down tree we see a world in denial of the evidence of climate change.  The artworks act as an alert, a call to arms, they are on the one hand, quite beautiful, but on the other they provide a disturbing truth about the effects of our denial.  The are a conflict with themselves, having nature removed, industrial processes used to extend their purpose, yet these sculptures are all about the environment."